What We're about

Yuser is a brand new social media platform where your content actually gets seen. We don’t limit your reach based on an oppressive algorithm, and we definitely don’t.

Yuser is a social commerce platform with a built-in digital reward system called Gems.

Yuser offers a predictable fixed-price rewards program built into your sales and marketing channel to help you build a loyal community of customers. 

Unlike other ultra-competitive social media platforms, you don’t have to get “Yuser-famous” to get rewarded for posting on our platform. We believe everyone should have the chance to benefit from their social media experience, which is why we built Yuser. Big or small, your audience can gift you Gems (which you can use to buy stuff IRL) for the content you post. This lets you focus on creating the content you love, instead of stressing over your follower count. 

We’ve gamified the social media experience by adding a levelling mechanism to track your progress on Yuser! Everytime you engage with the app and with other community members, you get a little closer to the next level. Every time you level up you’re rewarded with a Gem bonus, and milestone levels are accompanied by additional features on the app!


Gems are digital points that you can use to buy stuff from online stores and local businesses. When people enjoy your content, they don’t just give you a heart, they give you Gems. Think of the classic “thumbs-up”, or “like”, but a million times better. “Likes” don’t buy you a coffee, but gems do!

Imagine “likes” and digital currency had a baby- that’s the inspiration behind Gems. When someone enjoys your content, they can give you Gems for it, and those Gems get stored in your Yuser Wallet. You can then spend them on products in the Marketplace so you can support the businesses you love while saving some cash!

The Marketplace is  where you can find all of the stores we’re partnered with that offer products for Gems. Simply open the app and navigate to the Marketplace tab, and you’ll see all the options you have for spending your Gems.

While Gems have a fixed dollar value (10,000 Gems = $1), they are not redeemable for cash. They provide a way to treat yourself or even help supplement your income with digital rewards, so you can save more cash for a rainy day. This allows as many stores as possible to offer their products in the Marketplace, giving you more options for how to spend  your Gems! 

Nope! Your Yuser wallet has the capacity to hold as many Gems as your followers can possibly give you!

ALL of your Gems are spend-able. The only limits that exist are store specific. For instance, you may be able to redeem a product-for-Gems offer once a day, once a week, or once a month, depending on the business. Each store sets this limit for themselves, and includes it in their product listings. 

Hashtag Challenges are weekly contests available only on Yuser. Every Hashtag Challenge has a theme, and the prize is a major Gem reward. Participating is easy, and it’s a great way to discover new users!

To be eligible to win a Hashtag Challenge you need to make sure that:

-Post submitted doesn’t violate any Yuser community guidelines  -  for example posts that are unoriginal will be disqualified.

-Post submitted must be relevant to the Hashtag Challenge that you’re participating in - -Post submitted is tagged with the proper hashtag: Ex: if the tag is #cuteDoggo but you tag it #cuteDogo it won’t show up in the contest feed for other users to vote on! 

Send your Invite Key to friends that you want to join you on Yuser! When the person you send it to signs up using your Key, you both get a Gem bonus added straight to your wallets.