Yuser in a nutshell.

Yuser is a social commerce platform with a built-in digital rewards currency called Gems. 

The Yuser app, available in the Google Play and Apple App store, is a fun social app where community members can share content as well as give and receive Gems. On Yuser, when you like content you gift the creator Gems.

For businesses, we run the Gem Rewards Program, a Mobile Sales Channel, Shopify Integration, and Insights Program.

Connect & Start Selling

Connect your online store to Yuser with our Shopify app. Then publish your products to Yuser and start selling. It’s easy to get access to thousands of new customers, generate sales and loyalty!

Get Noticed, Reward & Boost your Reach

Start selling select products for Gems to attract new customers or reward returning customers. As you start accepting Gems through the Gem Rewards program you can offer them back (as Gemback rewards) to customers when they make cash purchases. You can also spend them to boost your marketing reach through the Yuser app.

Understand Engagement & Increase Repeat Customers

Access end-to-end analytics you can trust. Our back-end is built with cutting edge technology so far only accessible to the biggest players in the industry. These insights will help you to understand how social engagement leads to sales so you can increase repeat sales.

Yuser Gem Rewards is different from other loyalty or reward programs because it connects to Yuser – a fun and engaging social app that people want to keep on their phone. People are 3x more likely to keep a social app on their phone than a leading loyalty app. Out of 10 most used apps in the world 9 of them are social.

Yuser doesn’t run display advertising like other social apps. Instead, we incorporate Yuser Gem Rewards into our app. This allows retailers to connect with customers, offer promotions, and build loyalty. On Yuser, advertising space is populated with promotions offered by retailers.

On Yuser, advertising costs don’t grow exponentially like on other social apps because we have a fixed-price plan that’s clear and predictable so we can help you grow your business from mom-and-pop shop all the way to an enterprise without severely diminishing your bottom line. On average, Yuser is 25x cheaper than advertising via pay-per-click method on social media apps.


Likes are so 2020 - try Gems!

In other social apps Gems are called “likes,” or “hearts” or “upvotes” etc. In other loyalty programs Gems are called “points,” or “loyalty points,” or “airmiles,” etc.

In function, Gems combine likes and loyalty points within one system - the Yuser app. This makes Gems a new form of digital reward. Gems allow you to do on Yuser, what other social commerce platforms require you to use cash for.

Yuser lets people gift each other Gems as a form of appreciation on digital content and then spend them on products offered by retailers.

Retailers earn more Gems by offering products in the Yuser Marketplace for users to purchase with their Gems. 

By letting users collect Gems instead of likes and use them to discount your products we track how social engagement leads to sales and give you access to the consumer insights. So that you not only sell but sell smart.

Both users and retailers get Gems as a form of appreciation (“likes”) on posted content. Retailers additionally earn all the gems that they use to discount the price of their products. For example if you sell a t-shirt for 15$ + 15,000 Gems you collect the 15,000 Gems to use later.

Retailers can use their gems in multiple ways:

- Offer GemBack – offer Gems to your customers for completing cash purchases
- Boost your media posts on Yuser app and products in the Yuser Marketplace
- Gift Gems to customers who create social media posts about your business
- Spend Gem on products available in the Yuser Marketplace
- License user-generated content to re-purpose the user’s posts for commercial purposes

While Gems have a fixed dollar value (10,000 Gems = 1$), they are not redeemable for cash. This allows the Gems to be traceable so retailers can use information about how Gems are spent to drive up their sales. This is also what allows Gems to remain tax free, compared to existing loyalty point systems that allow a cash-out option, which are subject to tax regulations.

Selling a product for Gems is not giving it away for free. Yuser Gem Rewards program is an equivalent of a loyalty point system that takes advantage of the popularity of social media.  For instance, you may already have a budget for promotions & giveaways.

Yuser Gem Rewards

Yuser offers a predictable fixed-price Gem Rewards Program built into your sales and marketing channel so that you can build a loyal community of customers.

Yuser Gem Rewards program is a part of Yuser that’s geared towards retailers and businesses. It’s an innovative loyalty program that can be incorporated into your existing sales and marketing channel. 

Yuser Gem Rewards make it easy for you to reach new customers, reduce your marketing spend, and establish loyalty.

With a set monthly subscription fee, Yuser’s Gem Rewards program is a fixed-price reward system built into a sales and marketing channel. The more you engage and sell products for Gems, the more consumers you reach and encourage repeat sales without increasing your advertising costs. Ultimately, the Yuser Gem Rewards program gives you valuable consumer insights and helps you understand how your social spend drives sales.

Are you a brick and mortar or online retailer? Do you use social media platforms to promote your business? Have you ever thought to yourself “I have so many likes for this social media post but did it actually help me sell more products? And if so, how many?” If you answered “yes” to any of the above then Yuser is a perfect app for you! 

Right now, Yuser Gem Rewards program serves brick and mortar retail and integrates with online retail through Shopify.

We have a support team available to take your staff through virtual onboarding & training, as well as comprehensive demos on our website. Our support staff can also be reached with any issue that may arise as you use the platform.


Yes, your can sell your products through Yuser mobile app. Find out more below.

In the Yuser app there is a tab that takes all users to a virtual Marketplace where they can find all of the products that can be purchased with their Gems.

Unlike other social apps that let users browse online storefronts, Yuser has the capability to process online transactions straight from the app. This eliminates a lot of friction while shopping online because someone with a Yuser account can shop via all stores available on Yuser without having to create multiple accounts.

As many as you want. You can feature your entire storefront in Yuser Marketplace but products available for purchase with Gems will be the ones additionally featured in other parts of the app and promoted outside of Yuser.

Yes! Yuser app is an attractive sales channel where your store and products are displayed to all users. Additionally, Yuser’s own marketing strategy relies on cross promotion of retailers who participate in our Marketplace to potential customers. For example, we are working with influencers to do product reviews.


Find out how you can get Gems and cash for referrals.

Absolutely. We want to reward everyone who helps to grow Yuser community. To start earning referral rewards now go to your Yuser Account → Settings → Share Invite Link. For every successful signup you will earn 10,000 Gems to spend in Yuser Marketplace.

When you reach weekly signup goals through Yuser x Shopify integration you earn 100,000 additional Gems. Signup bonuses occur incrementally every 25, 50, 75, 100 new subscribers.

We offer a cash kick-back to every user/business who is able to get a business to sign up to Yuser. Contact us for details. (link)

We are actively working with those who have an established following on other platforms to promote Yuser. If you’re interested in joining them then contact us directly to find out if Yuser Influencer Program is right for you! (link)


Yuser is simple. Find out how to connect it with your store today.

You can connect your online store with Yuser right now providing that your storefront was built using the Shopify platform. All you have to do is to download Yuser onto your mobile device (for either Android or iOS) and then get the Yuser x Shopify extension from the Shopify app store.

While you go through the Shopify signup process you will need to provide your Yuser username and password to validate your account. When your Yuser account and your Shopify store are connected you can immediately make your entire store available via Yuser Marketplace and you can begin to offer products to be purchased with Gems.

That’s amazing! You can definitely use the Yuser Gem Rewards program online and in store. To connect your Shopify store all you need to do is to get the Yuser app and the Yuser x Shopify extension. To add your brick-and-mortar store/s please contact us here. (link)

You can start accepting Gems right now through your brick-and-mortar location. To set that up contact us here.

You can start accepting Gems right now through your brick-and-mortar location. To set that up contact us here. (link) 

Make sure to let us know how your online store is built as we’re actively working on offering other online integrations. Not happy with your online store? We offer additional services to get you started on Shopify so that you can optimize your online presence and join others in taking advantage of Yuser Gem Rewards program.

Shoot us a message! Although right now we’re unable to connect with these platforms, our expansion plans include serving a wide variety of online retail. We definitely want to hear what platforms our potential customers are using. 

If your plans include switching to Shopify make sure to let us know as we offer additional services to get you started on Shopify fast and seamlessly.

You can start accepting Gems right now through all your brick-and-mortar locations. To set that up contact us here. (link)


Data, data, data, I can't make bricks without clay.

Consumer Insights Dashboard is where you can find data analytics about your business all in one place.

Yuser Consumer Insights Dashboard is different from other related products in that it encompasses both your social media and consumer insights all in one place. It gives you all the information you need to make a connection between your social media engagement and its impact on your sales.


Use protection.

Collecting and sharing consumer information isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you obtain a clear consent. Yuser is a social app with a built in rewards program for businesses. Users who choose to participate are able to generate considerable rewards for engaging with businesses and sharing their preferences. This is different from other social apps where user information is collected and shared with third parties without providing a clear benefit to users.

Great question! Yuser has measures in place on the backend to prevent the same device from registering multiple accounts for exactly this reason.