Why We Made Yuser Gem Rewards

Why We Made Yuser Gem Rewards

Ecommerce Meets Social Meets Loyalty

We’re shifting from offline to online more quickly than ever before due to Covid-19. Social media and ecommerce are integrating at a rapid pace. This is because retailers and brands are realizing that the most effective way to market and sell to their customers is directly through social media – the channel that’s in everyone’s pocket. But, the way we handle loyalty isn’t keeping up with this new trend. This is why we built Yuser.

Yuser is a unique new social marketplace with a novel way of attracting the attention and loyalty of consumers. This is achieved through our proprietary Yuser Gem Rewards program. On Yuser, social media users collect Gems instead of likes when sharing content or purchasing products for cash. Stored in a Yuser Wallet, Gems can be used to purchase select products featured in the Yuser Marketplace.

The benefits for retailers and brands are numerous. By accepting Gems for select products – just like a shared loyalty point – retailers and brands can attract new customers from social media as well as from other businesses. From the pool of Gems businesses earn, they can offer Gems to customers in exchange for cash purchases to encourage repeat sales.

Now Yuser Gem Rewards Work With Shopify Stores

As we continue to reimagine what the face of retail will be in the post-pandemic world, we strive to provide all retailers with the most cutting edge solution to the problem of generating consumer attention and loyalty through a digital application. This is why we created an app that's truly sticky. How? By making it social. 

Now, Shopify store merchants can take advantage of Yuser Gem Rewards and sell product through the Yuser Marketplace. Online retailers face an even more difficult challenge of getting noticed through social media platforms. Yuser Gem Rewards make it easy to attract new customers. The best part is that online store merchants can now do this all from the comfort of their Shopify store. They can simply add the Yuser Shopify app to their Shopify store to start taking advantage of Yuser Gem Rewards.

Anyone with an online store built on the Shopify platform can sign up now

This Is Just The Beginning

At Yuser, we realize that generating consumer interest online isn't as simple as it ought to be. Social apps are a particularly effective discovery channel, however, online retailers and brands are often left wondering how their social media ad spend leads to sales. This is why we envisioned Yuser not only as an effective marketing channel but a full mobile Marketplace. With the Yuser Shopify app, retailers and brands can finally track how their social promotional offers are leading to (repeat) sales.

When a Shopify store merchant installs the Yuser Shopify app they not only get a robust marketing program (Yuser Gem Rewards) but instant access to thousands of new customers via our Marketplace. So that in addition to their Shopify website they can sell all their products through a mobile app that's in everyone's pocket. 

There is no other social commerce app on the market today that offers you the chance to get new customers and keep them like Yuser. We're it. If you're a Shopify merchant and interested in participating you can sign up here.