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Introducing yuser [pronounced user]

Yuser empowers you to be who you want to be online.

Are you a fashion blogger, indie musician, foodie, or an illustrator? Yuser is where you discover your true passion, collect rewards, and grow a large following. As your reputation increases, you gain prominence on the network. Gift your friends as easily as you’d give a like.

  • Complete custom challenges to gain more prominence on the network.
  • Grow an engaged fan base while earning rewards.
  • Get sponsored by brands and monetize your own account.

The Challenge

Social networks make a killing off of YOUR content and status. Don’t you feel like you should be rewarded for your efforts?

If you’ve amassed a sizable following online you might have seen your reach decline across various platforms. You’ve also likely seen a dip in earnings from monetizable platforms. Yet, the major social networks are making record profits.

We recognize that you are the driver of social network growth and virality. We don't limit your reach, cut you out of rewards, harvest your data, or force you to accept shady policies.

The Solution

Yuser is designed around one central premise. In the future, we will all be rewarded for our status and creativity online. Not only that, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will empower us to live more meaningful lives on our own terms.

It’s in the name, yuser is built for users. Earn points that let you unlock cool features and digital assets or exchange them for cryptocurrency. Create your own content without secretive algorithms controlling how much of it your followers see. Connect with new people without fear of your private data being harvested.

How it works

Asset 11

join yuser

Give gems instead of likes and unlock cool powers by contributing positively to the yuser community.

Asset 1

get rewarded

Each day you’ll receive a supply of stones. When you gift someone stones, they magically become gems.

Asset 1

power up

Complete a challenge, unlock rewards such as powers. Powers impact your prominence on the network.


Understanding The Problem & Beginning the Solution

Identified a problem: creators, influencers, and users of major social platforms are not fairly rewarded for their contribution to network growth. They are treated as free labour and products to harvest and sell. Research & development of a prototype social app alternative begins.

Aug / Sep 2017

Inception of Yuser

Inception of the Yuser identity. Modeling industry solution begins. Yuser adopts the tenants of the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities – decenralization, privacy, and transparency. Yuser will transparently reward its users for their contribution to network growth while protecting their privacy. Yuser empowers users to create content, build audiences, unlock features, and earn cryptocurrency for their creativity and fame.

Nov 2017

Prototype App Complete

Prototype app completed for demonstration purposes. Utility token and blockchain development research and implementation begins. Begin to identify how gamification can incentivize users to participate meainingfully within a social network through testing of the prototype app.

Dec 2017

Market Research and Analysis

Gathering of industry related stats, including competitor research and market research surveying. Four factors that all social media platforms fail to address effectively: reach, monetization, privacy, and policy. Most major networks seek to gate audience reach, horde economic rewards, and harvest data from their users. Yuser empowers users through a combination of rewards and network effects all while maintaining platform transparency and user privacy.

Jan 2018

Demo at CES

Private demo at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas followed by a public demo at CES in Las Vegas during the ICOFest event.

Jan 7-12 2018

Begin Scalable App Development & Writing Whitepaper

Begin research & development of the full-blown scalable Yuser app. Start writing the first draft of the Whitepaper and a preliminary evaluation of a utility token sale.

Jan 15 2018

Advisory Board & Blog

Initiation of the Yuser advisory board. Launch the Yuser blog.

Feb 15 2018

Consultation & Token Development

Consultation and token development with Building Blockchains.

March 15 2018

Whitepaper & Beta Launch

Release of final Whitepaper. Closed Yuser app beta launch.

June 2018

Yuser Closed Beta

Closed beta release of the yuser app which rewards users for their creativity and fame.

June 18th 2018

Yuser Open Beta App Launch

Public launch of the yuser open beta which rewards users for their creativity and fame. Available for free on both Android and iOS.

September 2018

Smart Sponsorships

Launch of Smart Sponsorships. Smart Sponsorships are a fully transparent, secure, and trustless smart contract that lets brands and businesses sponsor the content of influencers and creatives of any size.

Q3 - Q4 2019

Yuser Plugin System

The Yuser Plugin System is an API for developers that enables them to add third-party extensions to the Yuser Network. These plugins can range from digital assets, such as sticker packs, to new online experiences such as games.

Q1 2020

Our Team

Thomas Cermak

CEO, CTO and Co-founder

Mitch Brogan

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

Eunika Sot

COO & Co-founder

Colton Atkey

Chief Marketing Officer

Stefano Virgilli

Chief Gamifications Officer

Mike Simpson

Director of Community Operations

Shane Maitland

VP of Business Intelligence

Edwin Saraccini

Finance Manager

Eli Sadaka

Full-stack Developer

Natalia Visla

Full-stack Developer

Our Advisors

Toni Lane

Founder, CULTU.RE & Co-Founder Cointelegraph

JP Vergne, PhD

Founding Coordinator, the Crypto Capitalism Center / Co-Director, Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab

Samantha Scharff

CEO & Founder, Future 8 / Former CEO, Giphy Studios

Simon Parker, PhD

Director, Entrepreneurship Cross-Enterprise Centre

Lawrence Plummer, PhD

Director, Ivey New Venture Project

Stefan Katanic

Growth, Corl / Co-Founder, CoinBio Inc

Erwin Voloder

Director, Market Regulation, Coinbio Inc

Adley Stump

Musician / Influencer / Alum, NBC The Voice

Lewis Walker-Bell

CEO & Founder, The Ritual Network and Infinite Influence

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